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If I create my website without verifying it first, will I lose content?

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I am STILL trying to verify my domain through Melbourne IT but they are having problems with their DNS management, so right now I have no web site for my company. If I start to recreate the site in office 365 now (who knows how long Melbourne will take until it lets me verify), will my content be saved when I finally am able to verify it and it drops the .onmicrosoft portion of the address?

Any help would be much appreciated!



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  • Hi Allstate Courier,


    The website content will not be lost when changing the address to use your own domain name.


    However, as your domain was not verified yet, you can use the original domain " " as your SharePoint public-facing website address, it will looks like  And when the domain was verified finally, we could change the website address with your own domain name.


    You may refer to the article below for more information about how to use custom domain in SharePoint Online public-facing website :



    @ Robert, thanks for your suggestion provided here. Your time and efforts are highly appreciated.


    @ notstraightforward,


    If you have any other questions about Office 365, please post a dedicated thread in this forum for a quickly support.



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