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Paypal module is missing

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Hi this is Karibwa from Australia.


Can someone please advise as to why my paypal module is missing from other More Gadgets modules?



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  • Hi Karl,

    As far as I know it is only shown if the Regional Settings for the site are set to English (US). I assume yours is set to English (Australia).

    To change it, go to

    Click on Regional settings, and change the locale. Afterwards, when you go back and edit a page, the Paypal Gadget should show up.

    Once you're done, you could change the settings back to English (Australia) again if desired (not sure how important this is to you on the public website, think it doesn't make a lot of difference)

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  • Sarah W,

    There is a short wait period after you change the Website's  Regional settings, and change the locale.

    By you looking around for something else to set, the wait period passed and you were able to add a PayPal Module

    Sorry, BuildItOn365 website has expired. Links to and instructions - no longer exist.

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  • Sarah,

    Thank you for this. I was struggling.

    This is not an acceptable state of affairs from Microsoft, especially not that it is a paid for service

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  • Really Helpful - many thanks

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  • Thanks to Rene Modery for providing the correct answer but can someone from MSFT explain the reason for disabling the PayPal gadget on a regional basis? Especially since you only have to change regions to activate it. If not, I hope the information in this thread has been submitted to the dept responsible for this daft arrangement so it can be changed.
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  • No, I am still not coming right with any of the suggestions above.  Where do I change the User Settings - on the actual user accounts themself or somewhere else?  I am also not sure if this is a problem since I have been upgraded to the new Office 365 as I seem to recall seeing the PayPal gadget before the upgrade

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  • All the old gadgets were removed from the new version ("upgraded"). Some code can be added using the "embed code" tool  - Paypal buttons appear to work but there's apparently no way now to add javascript now which is a major downgrade. 
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