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Hello Microsoft - when will I be able to view a PDF file ???

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  • For those who feel it's too much trouble to click on and open a PDF...why not just drop a CEWP on  your SP page, and add an <embed> tag in it. Thus, the full viewable PDF is embedded right in the page. No downloading/opening in the native client separately.

  • That doesn't work for the public site (no cewp) or the team site (can't add code to a cewp). So you'd have to link the cewp to another file which is a bit of a cludge especially considering how slow Sharepoint Online is.   |     |  Get more out of Office 365

  • Well, understandable for a public site. But, what do you mean you can't add code to the Team Site CEWP? Just drop the embed snippet into the HTML editor....

    Here's how we do it to make sure we hit the cewp... choose to edit the cewp as usual. Once that cewp toolbox opens, just go straight up to the ribbon and hit the HTML editor and then drop your embed snippet in there. Works like a charm for our company where there has been an on-going battle of "I want to download the PDF" - vs - "I want the content built in the page so I don't have to download a pdf, oh, but the pdf does look better (!?). LOL

    It's worked great and save the content dev team hundreds of hours of putting content directly in to a page, yet makes the others happy to have the pdf right there.

  • Thanks for the follow up. I have tried doing it that way, but the cewp strips out the embed code when I save.That goes for most html tags though I'm sure some are deemed "safe". Are you doing it in SP Online or on premise?   |     |  Get more out of Office 365

  • No MCH - this is SO STRANGE.

    Sudenly my maine machine is working with IE 9 (32 bit no scripting) - Cannot reproduce scenario on any other machines.

    (Testet with 2 of my own and 2 other machines with customers)

    I just now opened the PDF file on Office 365 because I thought I f... up.

    But it remains true - I can open PDF's directly from this machine I'm typing this message on.



    Edit: I have set up email alert on this post. MCH - do you have a tool for registry or something??

    I feel I have the only machine in the world that can open PDF's directly in IE - and I think this IS the only machine in the world which can do that!

  • This is it (Norwegian)

    Buttons from left: Check out and open, Open, Cancel


  • Still can open PDf's in IE9 without scripting and add on's.


  • I tried using Joshua Booker's solution and couldn't get it to work (I wanted to put PDF's on my public site.)  My workaround was to put the PDF's into a public folder on my SkyDrive, open each PDF, copy the url, then use a hyperlink on my web page.  Very easy.


    Look for the "Tax Filings" on the bottom of my "About Us" page.  ClickHere

  • Yes, I suggested that in about the 6th post on this thread.   |     |  Get more out of Office 365

  • Sorry, mch...I browsed a lot of threads and googled for resources.  Some threads went on for many pages and 7-8 months, so I sometimes skipped down to the most recent.  With people still griping about the lacking functionality and the difficulty of implementing Joshua's solution I assumed it still wasn't fixed.  I saw a mention of a viewer on SkyDrive and on GoogleDocs, but I interpreted it as "365 needs to give us what they have."  I didn't mean to take credit for your solution!  I'm just trying to slam my OLSB replacement together ASAP!  I'm VERY grateful for the PayPal button work-around and code generator on Webbrewers.

  • Wendy - no need to apologize. I was just trying to point people back to some of the earlier posts which  cover the problem and most of the options.If the fixes were implemented quicker, the threads wouldn't need to be this long!   |     |  Get more out of Office 365

  • Still ridiculous that when I click on a PDF in SharePoint Online I get "Save / Cancel" in IE8 and IE9.  When I click on the same PDF in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPad, Android, etc. I either get the PDF to open automatically or I get "Open / Save / Cancel" option.  Give us the Open option in IE!  Even if it doesn't open immediatey when clicking the file, the Open option is 10x better than having to save the file or confuse users with "Read Only" or "Edit" dialog boxes.  BTW - "Read Only" just gives them the "Save / Cancel" options again.  Fix this, Microsoft!

  • I was in Hannover, Germany for the CeBit.

    I confronted a Microsoft partner with this issue - He told me that this issue will be fixed in april.

    I'm not sure if he just wanted me to "go away" or if this is true.

    It remains too see.

    PS: I still can open PDF's directly on one of my machines (see msg further up with snapshot in Norwegian.

  • I think you are seeing the implemented MS solution - do you have the latest Acrobat reader installed (or latest Acrobat X)?  If so, SharePoint will open the PDF in Acrobat and give you options inside acrobat.  The problem is that everyone would have to be on the latest Acrobat for that to work - and we have too many people on Acrobat 9 Standard and Professional that need that functionality, and installing the latest Reader or X is not an option.

    For those who would ask: "Why not just install the latest reader for opening PDF's but leave the Acrobat 9 for editing?"   Many of our admins use web-based applications for invoicing and payment processing.  They open PDF's directy in webpages and edit them using Acrobat 9.  If we install Reader to open PDFs, they would lose their editing ability and have to create complicated workarounds for daily processing (saving the PDFs out to their desktops, opening Acrobat 9, opening the file, and making changes - too much work).

    Microsoft just needs to give us the Open option in IE8 and IE9 when we click on PDFs.

  • Very interesting Jim!!

    I have never even thought that the reason was having Acrobat X installed.

    Need to test this at once on 3 other machines!!!

    I will be back in 5 min


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