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  • Forum Thread: Mail reading panes

    Somehow I turned-off my mail reading panes and now I cannot read my mail. How do I turn on left/right/below panes? Thank you.
  • Forum Thread: Setting Outlook as default mail application

    I've downloaded and ported all my mail into the new Outlook for Mac Office 365. The only issue I have encountered so far is that I cannot select Outlook as my default application. When I go to Preferences > General and select the radio button to make it the default application. The issue is that...
  • Forum Thread: Problems adding domain to Office 365Biz Premium for Mac

    I'm trying to have 3 email address in my Outlook 365 - my gmail account, my personal domain account with Hover and then my MSFT exchange account (which is not something I actually use but I need the exchange server to get all of my accounts in sync for contacts and calendaring on my Mac and on my...
  • Forum Thread: Outlook v15.3 Overlapping Inbox

    I have recently just upgraded to Outlook 365, and I am having some issues with the viewing of my inbox. I have two e-mail accounts installed, my work and gmail. Gmail gives me no problems when viewing but when I go to my work inbox it is not normal. All of the emails are overlapping each other as if...
  • Forum Thread: outlook 2015 for mac

    I do have a problem with outlook and apple mail. They showing me all emails from LinkedIn with the same sender Any idea how I can solve it? Thanks Marco MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)
  • Forum Thread: Outlook for Mac V15.3 Email Password

    I downloaded the new version of Outlook for Mac today. I was previously using Outlook for Mac 2011. I have three email accounts that were all working fine. I completed the import to the new version, no problems at all. However, since on my BT account, almost every time it does a send or receive it asks...