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Office 365 Small Business Premium

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I currently have a subscription to the Office 365 Exchange Online plans and I was checking out the new, so called "Office 365 Small Business Premium". Since I couldn't use my current account, which is understandable, I had to sign up for a new one.

From what I could tell this "Small Business Premium" offers somewhat the same features as the current "Small Business (P1) Plan". Is it safe to assume that this will be the successor? 

Now what I'm wondering is, if this would actually be the case, will current users from different plans be able to upgrade to these new "Office 365 Plans"? Let's say I have a P subscription, will this automatically become a "Office 365 Small Business Premium" subscription? And will the E plans become "Office 365 ProPlus" plans?

I'm also aware that it's currently impossible to upgrade from a P to an E plan. Will this upgrade be possible in the future? More importantly for my case: If I'm currently subscribed to and exchange online plan (e-mail only), will I be able to upgrade to "Office 365 Small Business Premium" once it's released?

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  • Hi Jonas,

    Currently, there is no official announcement for the update to Office 365 Preview.
    The Office 365 Preview (2013) including Exchange Online Preview service is just a preview edition now, it may be modified by the feedback continuously before the official release.

    Please monitor Microsoft websites and the community to obtain the latest information.

    Bourne Zhang

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