Powershell cmdlets for delegated administration.

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Was wondering how a delegated admin would log on to the customer tenant. Would one first log in with 'usual' cmd'lets and then use some special ninja cmd'lets or is the procedure a little different?


Have been following this link and posted a question without getting a reply back: http://community.office365.com/en-us/f/148/p/22357/198727.aspx#198727

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  • Hello Saiful!

    It is possible to manage other tenants via PowerShell.

    First you have to connet with Connect-MsolService .

    Then you have to find your tenant, and fill up : $tenID=(get-msolpartnercontract -domain yourtenant.com).tenantId.guid

    Now you can acces your tenant: Get-MsolUser -tenantID $tenID

    or to set principalname: Set-MSOLUserPrincipalName ...

    The only trick is , that you have to use -tenantID $tenID in each command.


    Regards, Laszlo


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