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Cannot verify domain name

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I am utterly confused.

It took 11 days for Melbourne to set up my DNS Management. Once complete I created a TXT record 5 days ago but it still won't verify and I don't know whether it's Melbourne or whether I'm doing something wrong.

The instructions state:

  1. On the Edit DNS record page, under TXT Records, in the HOSTNAME box, type the following: @
  2. In the ADDRESS box, type the following: MS=ms45449675
    Important: You must add a trailing period (“.”) at the end of the address (similar to

There is contradiction here. 1 & 2 are quite specific in terms of what to type, the IMPORTANT bit has a domain name example which plays no part in the instructions.

My domain name is

I assumed that since I was entering the TXT record on Melbourne under that domain name, the @ would just default to it, but then how do you add a '.'?

My husband has been a database administrator for 30 years, and we built an Office Live website on intuition and simplicity, but the instructions seem to assume you are an expert web designer.


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