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Stuck on Step 2, Melbourne IT not responding...

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I've been stuck on Step 2 for nearly 5 days, can't access my custom domain name, received no response from email to MelbourneIT, get disconnected when calling MelbourneIT ("voicemailbox is full"), and now MelbourneIT's website appears to be down.


I'm not really sure how to proceed, but I guess I'll try to pick up the pieces of my website after it all gets deleted - I'm not sure what else I can do - does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can/should proceed?

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  • Hi kbean,

    I understand that you want add your own domian to Office365 and you are stuked on Step2.
    There is no need to add IP address or FQDN.

    You can revert back to step 1 and run the Add a domain wizard again. Do select No under “Do you have a website?”

    The detailed steps are provided as below:
    1. On the above page, click Cancel. You may need to click Continue first to go to the above page.
    2. On the “Set up to work with Office 365” page, click Review or change answers.
    3. On the “Start your domain setup over again?” page, click Yes.
    4. On the page where asks you “Do you want to stop and use a different domain name instead?”, select “No, I just want to review my answers.” Click Next.
    5. On the “Tell us about domain” page, select No under “Do you have a domain website?”
    6. Follow the wizard to add the domain.

    You can also refer to the following article (which also includes a helpful video) to move the domain:

    Larry He

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