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Text formatting

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I am rebuilding my old OLSB website on Office 365. It is  a frustrating process. When I think I have the fonts and spacing right in the 'edit" function, I check out how the website looks to outside viewers and the formatting is quite different, with uneven line spacing. How do I fix that? 


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  • There isn't much you can do. The transition guide blithely recommends copying and pasting but unfortunately pasting formatted text into a text editor is rarely a good idea. You should really paste to notepad first to clean out the OLSB formatting and then format using the 365 tools. It's an extra step or 2 but may save you some of the aggravation you're experiencing with the 365 editor.

    This should have been included in the instructions but apparently MSFT didn't test a real life transition out. 

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  • Hi Jlo3603,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft Online SharePoint Support.

    While I was not directly involved in the OLSB migration, I can recommend the information provided by mch.  It has helped a number of OLSB users who were migrating their information.

    I would also recommend that every time you finish editing your public facing web site you:

    1. Save your changes and publish them to the Web.
    2. View how your website will look to visitors.

    By doing both of these on a consistent basis, you could avoid design change irregularities.

    Please reply to this post with your results as I will continue to monitor this thread for a couple of days and will reply to any additional posts or questions.

    Jonis Estrem

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

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  • I am also rebuilding from OL. And although I did paste the text into notepad first, it still won't format correctly. I am pasting text into a table cell and it won't un-bold. I tried recreating the table, pasting into different cells - nothing works. Alas, no aggravation spared with the dismal 365 editor...

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  • If you're pasting into an area that you originally pasted directly into, that can happen because residues of formatting get left behind even if you delete (which is why pasting directly isn't a good idea). Try sweeping the entire page with the right  LEFT mouse button clicked and deleting everything. Like OLSB it's  a very difficult editor to work with.
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