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Can't Migrate Emails or Verify Website

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Have been trying to migrate my OLSB and Hotmail email accounts to O365 only to find that Outlook Connector (which EVERYONE has said to use) doesn't work. I keep contacting Miscrosoft, but like others who are switching from OLSB am finding myself bounced around from one department to the next while getting nowhere.


I thought, if maybe I could migrate my domain name to O365, that might make things a bit easier, but I've found that to be nigh impossible as I can't sign on the the Registrar who's in Australia and that may not be helpful as I actually pay for my domain through OLSB Domain Addon.


When I send emails to Office Live support, all I get are replies telling me to do what I was doing in the first place (the option that DIDN'T WORK).


When I write back or call to explain the issue yet again, I get pithy emails saying that my ticket's been canceled.


Now, at this point, I'm at wit's end: My emails are what I use to manage everything from my PayPal Merchant Account to my AT&T phone/internet service as well as my website which is where I publish/sell my web comic and acts as a central hub for my social media accounts.


I don't really have the money to pay a bunch of 3d party Yahoos to handle this for me and can't really afford more delays as I have projects that need to be completed as well as Issue#3 of my comic to get done.

Can you guys actually assist me, or should I just tear everything down, go to Yahoo, GoDaddy or some such and then sue Microsoft for Fraud?

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