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When I try to log in to my office 365 account I get redirected to outlook.com. thanks Tom
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  • Hi tom,
    Before we start the issue, I’d like to confirm if you are log in to Office 365 with an administrator account.

    If so, there might be some reasons for it. Let’s troubleshoot it and find the root cause together.

    I we open the URL http://mail.office365.com/ to log in our Office 365 accounts. In a normal behavior, when I access http://mail.office365.com/, it redirects me to https://outlook.om/owa/?targetname=mail.office365.com.
    And then it redirects me to the Outlook Web App(OWA): https://pod×××××.outlook.com/owa/#path=/mail 
    In this case, I'd like to help you troubleshoot it. I’d like to know how you opened the URL usually. For instance, do you manually type the URL in the address bar? Or do you open the site by clicking on it from the favorite bar? Sometimes, the favorite bars may get an “expired” for this kind of “redirection” URLs so we have to update the address to it.  

    In addition, is it possible that the issue is related to browser settings? Would you like to help check out the performance on the different browsers? For instance, whether the issue only happens on a specific browser or not? Sometimes, the redirections may encounter a conflict if the browser cache/history is not cleaned up. Are there any good and stable performance browsers?

    Moreover, we have another URL for Office 365 user log in: https://login.microsoftonline.com/. How about try logging in their user accounts via this link?

    Otherwise, please offer us the type of your account. (Administrator or user)
    Because different accounts contain different contents.

    Lawliet Xu

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