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View permissions set on a mailbox

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I've been playing around with the Add-MailboxPermission command, and now I want to see what mailboxes I have given myself or another user full access to.


I tried "Get-MailboxPermission -Identity <Mailbox ID 1> | Select User, AccessRights, Deny" and "Get-MailboxPermission -Identity <Mailbox ID 1> | Select User, AccessRights, Deny," however, these do not give me the information I want.


I want to know what users have access to what user's mailbox.

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  • Hi WCrtz,

    How many mailboxes you would like to get the permission status?

    If it’s several mailboxes, to check if the permission you have on specific mailbox, you can refer the following steps:

    1. Connect to Windows PowerShell and connect to the service again, see Use Windows PowerShell in Exchange Online.
    2. Run the command below to get the permission of the mailbox you prefer to check.
    Get-MailboxPermission -Identity <Mailbox ID 1> | Format-List
    3. Run the following command to get returns permissions that the user A has on test's mailbox.
    Get-MailboxPermission -Identity -User "A"

    You may use the commands to query the mailboxes you would like to check.

    For the detailed information about the Get-MailboxPermission command, you can refer the following article:

    If any error occurs when running the above commands, please capture a screenshot and post it in the forum for further research.

    Monica Tong

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