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The Slide Show Gadget is not working

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I am using the slide show gadget on the page I picked to put the slide show on.  It brings in all my pictures on the left side and I can browse for more pictures and add it on the left side.  I use the mouse to drag the picture to the right side where it places it down. (also some times when you try to place it down next to the first picture it puts it wherever it wants and you have to move it up to where you want it.  I put in like 10 pictures and added captions to them.  Then I click "Finish" and it looks like it is loading it to set but when it is finished all the pictures I just put in disappear and the right side again is blank.  I have tried this with ie9  on Windows 7 and ie 10  on windows 8 and get the same results.

I have 2 slide shows on my site already.  The first one was set up a while ago and that had no problems.

The second one I found it was doing the same thing as the new one but if you closed the page and reopened the page and tried again it finally worked.

I tried this with the 3rd set I wanted to put in and this method is not working at all, so I had no resort since I belone to skydrive to make a powerpoint show and put in the html to point to it.

Why have a gadget that does not work?   Please fix the gadget so it works.

Set up a page and try to put the slide show in and see if it works for you, I am betting it will not

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