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help needed with e mail account being moved to o365

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Im really struggling with this transition.


I have managed to add my custom domain to office 365 it is currently showing as verified.


I can successfully troubleshoot my domain - when i do i get the following message:

 The name server records are correct: the nameserver records for your domain are configured correctly. changes to dns can take time to complete. please take a while longer for the changes to take affect.

I followed all steps in melbourne it including activating dns, creating txt record etc, and then finally changing name server. I changed my name servers to the following :


However I dont seem to be getting all  emails as i can still log in to my hotmail - which i thought i wouldnt be able to do when i redelegated the domain??? and see emails received in there which arent going into my 365 account? why would this be happening and does it mean im going to be losing e mails once office live is discontinued.


Please help ! I sat up to 6am yesterday got up for work at 8 and am still battling with this. I just need to ensure that i receive all e mails as I was doing so through using my custom domain.

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  • Hi. I had the same problem but sorted it. Could I ask, have you:

    a. set up onmicrosoft email addresses for everyone on Office365? You have to set these up prior to having email addresses using your domain address

    b. gone back into Office365 and changed the addresses to your domain, e.g., from to

    This was the stumbling block for me.

    Good luck.

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  • Hi,

    First off thanks so much for replying, I honestly dont think microsoft understand how important this is to some people.

    I am the only user so when i signed up for office 365 i made a e mail address to sign in with example

    b. I have added my custom domain name (example: I seem to be getting some messages but not others?  Once i added my custom e mail all my e mails and folders that were stored in my hotmail account appeared in my office 365 outlook tab.

    Could you please explain to me how you went in and changed your e mail addresses to your domain so that i can ensure i havent missed anything ?

    All i basically want to do is continue sending e mails and receiving the way i would have done in hotmail using the same e mail i have had since 2007.

    P.s again thanks for replying

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  • Hi brian18924,

    Thanks for your reply. To confirm that you can send and receive the emails from Office365. You can check from 2 part.

    1, correctly setup the DNS record
    2, setup Exchange online account from Office2007

    Based on your description, you have successfully setup the DNS record.  You can directly edit the user profile. To do this,

    Login to and select the user, then "edit".  Go to user profile -> detail to change SMTP address.

    You can also see the guide about "setup email account on Office2007"

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

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  • Hi,

    Thanks :)

    I seem to be getting all e mails now. I can confirm i can send and receive messages from my office 365 account. However i cannot send e mails to one particular company i work with i get the following error message.

    Domain of sender address xxxxxxxxxxxxx does not exist> #SMTP#

    I dont understand this as everyone else is managing to email me and i can reply which i have checked and they are receiving and replying to me.

    I am in no way very good with technical things (sorry) can you explain why i would need to edit the user profile and also what detail to change smtp will do ?

    Also why do i need to set up an exchange online account for office 2007 ?

    I find this so confusing all i wanted to do was keep my e mail address i was using to sign into windows live daily and send and receive e mails :( i didnt want to host a website or anything. all this hassle just to keep an e mail address that has my custom domain in it :(

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  • Hi brian18924

    For the question you mentioned, " i cannot send e mails to one particular company i work with i get the following error message. " Can you provide the full detail NDR report?

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

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  • Hi Brian18924,

    How are you doing? I am just writing to see if there is any progress on this issue. I do not mean to push you. I just want to ensure that you do not encounter any problems during the troubleshooting. Thank you.

    Neo Zhu

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