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Updates to Office 365 System Requirements

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  • Do you know - can I run Windows XP and convert from OLSB to Office 365, or do I need to upgrade to Windows 7 first?  I've just begun the process and trying to complete by the 30April deadline, have run into this as the first hurdle.  

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    You ask this question and there is a post above you that answers your question!

    Sorry, BuildItOn365 website has expired. Links to and instructions - no longer exist.

  • You don't need to upgrade to Win7 first. WinXP will be supported until 1-JAN-2014.

    Michael A. O'Neill
    Office 365 Service Upgrade
  • Can you clarify the part about "Office 2010 users will need to deploy Service Pack 1 before June 1, 2012". Does this mean users without the service pack will not be able to open Outlook and retrieve their email, or does it mean Microsoft will not provide support to users with SP1?

  • Good question.

    We are not going to block the connection or anything like that. This is really about opening a ticket with support: if you have an issue, a support agent will want to see it reproduced on a computer with SP1 installed.

    I'm getting this question a lot from customers and account teams through other venues, so it's something we need to be clearer on in the future.

  • Thanks for the quick and clear response, Mike. I was worried that I would have to scramble to get Service Pack 1 installed. Since the BPOS Sign In Client can't configure Outlook if SP1 is installed, I have manually hidden the update on too many computers to count.

  • BTW, this is only for Office 365. If you haven't transitioned yet, these system requirements changes don't apply to you until the transition.

    That said, I wasn't aware of a dependency with the BPOS sign-in client. I'll get this to the transition team--we'll want to have solid guidance about this scenario for June/July/Aug transitions. Thanks for the info!

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