Introducing the Office 365 Help Center

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Introducing the Office 365 Help Center

The Office 365 Help Center went live yesterday. It's the one place where we highlight the Support and Help information that we think you need. It’s an important part of our effort to help you find the Top Issue, FAQ, and core information you need to get the most out of Office 365.


The Help Center is available at the top of every community page, from the Support Overview page in the Office 365 portal, and several other locations, and it’s available in all community supported languages.


If you’re signed into the community with your Office 365 credentials, we present the information we think will be most appropriate for your plan and role, but you can always select other plan and role filters in the gray bar at the top of the Help Center.


Members of the Office 365 team meet regularly to identify top customer issues and frequently asked questions and to determine what information we can present to help you put Office 365 to work.


Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think, and to suggest additional information you'd like to see.


The Office 365 Team

  • Nice job. I like the RSS feed, subscribing to a category to receive updates of new Help articles. Is the Medium Business content included in your Enterprise filter?

  • Tal y como podéis leer en este post del blog de la Comunidad de Office 365 (idioma inglés), Microsoft

  • Tal y como podéis leer en este post del blog de la Comunidad de Office 365 (idioma inglés

  • @Darrel. Thanks. Yes, medium business is included in the Enterprise view for now.
  • Please add some filters by application, i.e, sharepoint, lync and exchange, as well as each of the apps in the office suite.

    The Office 365 site has gone from Great to okay. What use to be easy to find is now lost in a bunch of marketing who ha.  I tried to get to the Exchange migration and I was taken on a 9 page web 'Fast Track' journey that told me nothing. Lots of videos, but no substance. Feel good stuff to make me feel comfortable with a decision.

    Feedback: Please refrain from the Britney Spears approach to Help. Succinct is better.

    Since there is no 'feedback' options on the Office365 site, I'm assuming this is where the programmers get users feedback, like mine.

    Does anyone know where the 'Exchange Migration' tools went?  They use to be on the 'Tools' menu and the 'Setup' menu of Office 365.

    a GOOGLE SEARCH send me to where this is outlined very nicely.  It is very complete.

    Again feedback: Why is it easier to Google the answer than find it on the official Office 365 site?  Doesn't make sense to me.

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