Introducing Office 365 Small Business Premium

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Introducing Office 365 Small Business Premium

Author: Jon Orton_MSFT
Originally published to the Office 365 Preview blog.

More than 90% of Office 365 customers are small businesses. Small business owners must balance a wide range of priorities every day: coming up with fresh ideas, winning new customers, delivering great service, paying the bills, and doing whatever else it takes to help their businesses grow. Unlike large companies with IT departments, they can’t spend much time thinking about technology. As a result, they often end up with a patchwork of out-of-date collaboration tools.


For these business owners, switching to Office 365 is the technology equivalent of an extreme home makeover. They suddenly have a set of modern, cloud-based productivity tools that are built for business. With these tools, they can respond more quickly to opportunities. They can look more professional when communicating with customers. They can act on their businesses from anywhere. Not many of them have heard of Exchange, SharePoint, or Lync, but thanks to the economics of the cloud, they get these enterprise-class products at a small business price.


With the next generation of Office 365, the story for small businesses is getting even better. We’re introducing a new subscription offering called Office 365 Small Business Premium. This includes the essential services found in today’s Office 365 small business plan—including email, document sharing, a public web site, and online meetings—updated with new capabilities like high-definition video conferencing. Plus, the subscription includes the latest version of Office desktop apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and more. Users get familiar Office tools, plus essential business services, in an easy-to-manage solution that requires no specialized technical knowledge to set up. 


I’ll highlight the features of this new service in a series of blog posts this month. In the meantime, whether you run a small business yourself, or you are an IT consultant who works with small businesses, I encourage you to sign up for the Office 365 Small Business Premium Preview. Take a tour and give us feedback, or just watch the welcome video. I think you’ll love what you see.


Jon Orton
Product Manager, Office 365 Small Business

  • I've been trying to add Small Business Premium for the last 5 days, but it keeps installing the Pro Plus version. I had originally started with a trial of Pro Plus, but quickly realized that I really needed Small Business Premium. Support has cancelled the Pro Plus trial, but the 365 portal keeps installing the Pro Plus software, even though my users only have a license for Small Business Premium. Receiving a single call back every 24 hours is really turning this install for my company into a nightmare. All of my users have come up with brand news nicknames for me, and they are not flattering.

  • Here's what would convince me to upgrade: (a) ability to host Lync meetings with a dial-in number for outside business partners who don't have/want to go through a Lync client install; although I have O365 P1, I end up using WebEx or GoToMeeting for these sorts of meetings rather than Lync, which is a shame; and (b) SSL connections to SharePoint Online.  Otherwise, it looks like the only real difference is you get the client bits included and all my company's users already have client bits, so that's not a big win for me.

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  • Un mes más, aquí os dejo el recopilatorio de enlaces y recursos interesantes sobre SharePoint

  • Hi Everyone,

    Here is part 2 from this weeks series!

    Rob York Premier Field Engineer Microsoft UK

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