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Create and Publish Training Videos with SharePoint and Lync Online - Grid User Post

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Our latest Grid User Post comes from Darrell Webster. You can read the original post here

Video recordings help customers and colleagues "learn the ropes." In this blog post I will show you how it just got easier to create video content and publish it with Office 365. 

Many of us have attended Lync Online meetings or watched webinars recorded by Lync.  But have you used it to create and publish training, induction or demo videos? Video recordings provide companies with the potential to use Office 365 to create their own instruction websites and training videos. It's easier and quicker to watch a video, then to read and depend on screenshots. 

Lync and SharePoint Online make it easier to create training videos and embed them within How To and Induction articles to help your organization.  Some of the new features that improve video recording and publishing are:

  • Lync now renders recordings as an MP4.
  • Drag and Drop your recordings into SharePoint libraries
  • Embed your recordings for play back using HTML 5, no Flash or Silverlight required.  Just an HTML 5 capable browser – Test yours at

How easy is it?

  1. Start recording the browser session by opening your Lync client window and choosing Meet Now from the settings shortcut.
  2. Choose the program or screen you want to use in your video.
  3. Select record from the Lync Online meeting window.

Lync record meeting button


Save videos to an Asset Library

To demonstrate how easy it is to publish the video content, I’ve created a Blog subsite off my Team site.  It could just as easily be a Wiki site.

  • I’ve enabled the Site Collection feature “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure”
  • I’ve enabled the Site Feature “Sharepoint Server Publishing” on the Blog site where I will be publishing the video.

By enabling these features, the site now has an Images asset library which can be used to store my video.  The libraries default name is Images, but it can contain video and audio and can be renamed.

Uploading your video recording

Whey I finish my recording, Lync renders it to an MP4 file.

  1. Browse the folder where the recording is saved.
  2. Open your Images Asset Library and drag and drop the recording into the library
  3. Return to your Blog or page.
  4. Insert the video from SharePoint.

Additional Notes:

  • Viewers of the video can easily full screen it to get a better view.
  • Create a thumbnail for your video by following this article -
  • SharePoint Online has great social features that your organization can use to spread the word about content that has been created, recognize it with ratings, collaborate around comments.  I want to see organizations run with these features and capabilities to encourage more useful content that will help colleagues and clients alike.

Let us know below in the comments if you've created something similar for your organization.  Or if you plan to use my method, post your comments and get in touch if you want assistance.

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  • Interesting and informative.  These sort of tutorials are more than helpful. Thank You.

  • Glad you liked it. Keep your eyes open for more Grid User Posts soon!
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  • The NextHop team found this post useful too -

  • Thank you for posting this instructions, JoshT,

    What version of O365/SharePoint were you using when creating your blog post, Small, Medium, or Enterprise edition?  Are you sharing in a public or private domain. Can you share your Blog URL so that I can see the actual results, please?

  • Hi SocialTech.

    I was using a preview tenant of the new '2013/Wave15' Office 365 E3 to create the content. The features are available in the Enterprise plans that you can now purchase. Though I see that the public site for Small and Medium also allows embedding videos. And I think they also have a Site Assets library on the public site, to store the video.

    The example blog post was in the public domain, on a public site. However, it was a preview tenant that expired.  I can recreate the content on our demo tenant once it receives it's Service Upgrade, which is soon (based on the alert we received recently.)

  • This is great stuff. Thanks for the helpful video.

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