OneDrive for Business library limits and workarounds

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OneDrive for Business library limits and workarounds

The OneDrive for Business library in all SharePoint Online plans in Office 365 comes with 25 GB of storage. There is not presently an option for purchasing additional storage for the OneDrive for Business library.

Note, however, that the storage space in your OneDrive for Business library is in addition to the storage space you get for SharePoint Online sites plus the storage space allocated for each user subscribing to these sites. The baseline limit in most plans is 10 GB for SharePoint Online sites plus 500 MB per subscribed user. Importantly, additional storage can be purchased for SharePoint Online sites. For details on the storage limits for different SharePoint Online plans, see SharePoint Online: Software  boundaries and limits.

If you’re concerned about exceeding the storage capacity of your OneDrive for Business library, consider the following options:

  • Instead of uploading documents to your OneDrive for Business library, upload them to libraries on team sites or community sites you’re following, and in which you have Contribute permission for the libraries.
  • Periodically review the documents you’re storing in your OneDrive for Business library, and delete documents you no longer need. Note that when you delete documents, you also need to empty the recycle bin if you also want to reclaim the storage space.

Other options for storing documents in SharePoint

Uploading to your OneDrive for Business library is typically the best way to store documents, especially since the OneDrive link is always available in the page header. What’s more, it’s easy to share any document with selected people, with no setup requirements beyond opening the Share dialog box, and inviting people to share.

But it also makes sense to consider the lifecycle of a document. For instance, if you’re planning to share a document, and you expect people to discuss it and work on it together, you could store the document on a team site or community site, places where selected people gather with a specific sense of purpose.

Of course, sometimes you might initially store a document in your OneDrive for Business library, but then determine that it belongs in a team site or community site. It’s fine to move documents but it’s important to remember that you or other people with whom you’ve shared the document might have posted links to it, perhaps in a newsfeed. In this case, once the document is moved, these links will no longer be valid and will need to be re-created in order to point to the new location of the document. With this detail in mind, you might want to reconsider uploading certain documents to team sites or community sites in the first place.

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  • Can admin easily transfer the files from a SkyDrive Pro librairy to a site librairy?

    My first reflex would be to tell my users to save all of their "personnal" docs in SDP and their "published/collaborative" work in a site librairy. But say that an important employee leaves the company, I want to be easily able to retrieve his/her SDP documents and either re-assign them to the person replacing them, or temporairly place it in a site librairy until the supervisor can decide what to keep and what to throw away.

  • It's pretty easy to transfer files from a SkyDrive Pro library to a site library, although there isn't any kind of "push-button" way to do so. It's a copy and paste operation. One important detail to remember is that a SkyDrive Pro library has essentially the same features as any other site library. As such, the easiest way to move files is to use the "Open with Explorer" feature: Go the SkyDrive Pro library, and then on the Library tab of the ribbon, click "Open with Explorer" in the "Connect & Export" group. Windows Explorer opens and then you can select the entire contents of the SkyDrive Pro library to copy it. You can then paste it into the site library using the same "Open with Explorer" method. To read more about using "Open with Explorer" to move files among SharePoint libraries, look here:
  • 7 GB of storage per a user, or 7 GB of storage for SkyDrive Pro between all users of a tenant?

  • 7GB per user

    Where do I even access skydrive pro?

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  • Same question here - how do you access this in an Active Directory Single Sign on scenario.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just in time for a relaxed afternoon of reading before the weekend!

    Rob York Premier

  • I'm a new Office365 Small Business Premium User trying to make sense of all this - it seems like it's overly confusing (based on other forums I'm not the only confused person).  I purchased an Office 365 Small Business Premium service, currently just 1 user.  I can't see the details of whether it came with a SharePoint Online Plan or a Team Onsite SharePoint something plan...  why so confusing.  Can't you just produce a table that shows what you get?  Surely I should be able to actually see it somewhere in my Admin Dashboard??  Exchange Online tells me quite clearly I have 25GB per mailbox and displays the Quote information....  where do I get the same for SkyDrive Pro or is that SharePoint Online or is it a Teamsite Online.  Man I just want to know where to put my docs that I currently have in my Skydrive personal account !

  • I just want to use skydrive pro feature with collaboration  - is this possible to have limited feature and see how it's working.

  • @Sarah_Larch, create a new tenant account on the trial subscription. Then you can try all the features you want. :)

    I am on P1 plan, I can's see if I get Skydrive pro or not. I assume so.

    Why can we not increase size beyond 7GB? You can with the home version!

    Can you link your 'home' Skydrive (non Pro) to Office 365 profile instead?

    Can you have both version of Skydrive active on the same computer?

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