SharePoint Online: PDF in-browser viewing & MP4 file streaming

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SharePoint Online: PDF in-browser viewing & MP4 file streaming

We are very excited to announce two compelling updates for SharePoint Online. The service will support in-browser viewing of PDF files and improved streaming of MP4 video files. We received a lot of feedback noting PDF viewing was limited while a number of customers expressed that they did not want PDF files to be downloadable to user’s desktops. In addition, users found that some MP4 files were being downloaded in full before playback would begin.
What will this update mean to the user?

  1. A PDF document stored in a SharePoint Online library it will simply launch within their Internet browser. This too applies to PDFs embedded as attachments within list items.

    Note: Users are required to have Adobe Reader on their machines to ensure the proper browser plug-in is available:

    Note: In some isolated instances, you may encounter an error when trying to open a PDF document in your Internet browser. If this happens, please try disabling the Adobe ActiveX plugin by going to Settings > Manage add-ons, highlight the Adobe PDF Link Helper add-on from the list of add-ons, and then click Disable.

  2. An MP4 video file stored in a SharePoint Online library will begin streaming much faster without downloading the full file first.

We are at the tail end of rolling out the most recent SharePoint Online service update. The PDF adjustment will soon be a notable experience enhancement for all SharePoint Online customers across all Office 365 plans and offerings. The same applies to MP4 files stored in SharePoint Online – let the streaming begin! Microsoft expects to complete this service update rollout worldwide by the end of September 2012. We continue to improve the experience while maintaining the level of security you expect from Office 365.

Thank you for your patience and actionable feedback. SharePoint Online progressively evolves each quarter. At its core, the service is driven by AND adapts to the preferences of how users use it every day. Please keep it coming.

You can read about this and all of the latest features and innovation on the Office 365 Service Update wiki.


The SharePoint Online Team

  • El equipo de Office 365 acaba de anunciar la disponibilidad de dos importantes actualizaciones que mejoran

  • El equipo de Office 365 acaba de anunciar la disponibilidad de dos importantes actualizaciones que mejoran

  • A compelling update for SharePoint Online just in. The service will now support in-browser viewing of

  • Body: This post originally appeared on the Microsoft Office 365 Community blog . ​We are very excited

  • We're getting an error when we try to open PDFs now:  "There was an error opening this document. The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

    We've disabled the add-on suggested. Do we leave the other Adobe addons enabled?

  • Update - I've tried every combination of other Acrobat addons enabled and disabled.  The Reader window opens (we don't open docs in the browser) and then the error message box appears.

  • Hi KarlaK,

    I'm sorry you're having this issue. I'm checking with the product group now and hope to have an answer for you soon.

  • KarlaK,

    If you've disabled the "Adobe Acrobat SharePoint openDocuments" add-on, it should work.  If not, make sure you have installed the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader available here:

    Question: does the document open at all?

  • I have seen a lot of convoluted solutions for opening PDF files in the browser. We work around the issue simply by right-clicking the link on the document library and selecting any of the browser's "Open" context menu items. I personally prefer the "Open in new window" option so I can keep my SharePoint library open.

  • Works with Chrome & Firefox. No go with IE9. Also, (non Office 365 function) PDF files open using Skydrive.

  • Does this update include a dedicated pdf icon? I'm still seeing a standard zip icon in our document libraries.

  • Received this Reply from Allen Sun MSFT Support. You can refer to the link below to reset IE

    Did the "reset" of IE9 which corrected the problem. The "site collection" function loads now. Thanks for the solution.


    PS. @bart_365, yes a pdf icon is visible and clicking on the document opens the doc in Adobe where it can be edited, e-signed, saved, printed using the tools provided by Acrobat.

  • Unfortunately this broke MP4 streaming to the iPad completely. Before it worked at least for shorter videos and after a few refreshes, now the iPad won't play MP4 videos from SharePoint at all.

  • According to the post, the update should be fully rolled out but we are not yet seeing pdf icons in our libraries. Is there something we should do except wait a bit longer?

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