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Tell us What You Think About Office 365 in our Customer Survey

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  • Here is the trick to make your custom domain web page load on the web appear after waiting over 72 hours when transitioning from OSLB to Offfice 365

    In Office 365 under the Domain page where it says

    Your SharePoint website address is

    Click change address button then

    Change the domain name from the to your custom domain

    In a couple of minutes your domain name will be accessable on the web.

    Note to Microsoft

    The transition of OLSB to Office 365 should have been as simple as clicking a button and have everything transferred over and set-up.

    From having to basically redo the web page created in OLSB by cutting and pasting ...when it is the same design program ....was the clunky and confusing instructions on how to get your domain name to work

    It should have only required that all you had to do was change where your domain name owner points your domain to.

    The whole process should have taken 5 minutes... not a day or two to recreate your webpage and 4 days of waiting for your website never to appear on the web under your domain name.

  • I have to say I have never understood why so many people seem to hate Microsoft until this OfficeLive to Office365 fiasco.  This could have been made easier but it seems to show how little Microsoft cares about the people who have been on OfficeLive.  When you open the page for Office365 there is a nice big button to click for a salesperson to help you spend money.  When you log into Office365, you are left out in the cold (except for the community that has only once answered my questions in the three years I have been on OfficeLive).  Now, it seems, I find out that we can only direct one domain name to the Office365 hosted websites.  Why only one?  I have a secondary domain that needs to point to my site as well, and once again I'm left out in the cold.  Maybe Apple will help us!

    If they could make setup easier, things would go a lot smoother.  

    And if Microsoft would make an effort to fix the small things, like Birthdays and anniversaries, then it would be a great product.  Instead, we get the silent treatment while competitors innovate, listening to customers and responding to requests.  I hope they can fix Office 365 so I can return... gmail is terrible, but it gets the job done right now.

  • Well, the Office 365 team might be excited about the product, but as a customer who was so happy and excited with the simplicity of OLSB the transistion was a pretty awful and frustrating waste of time. Microsoft could have and should have made it much easier, and ideally kept OLSB. I would have paid the $6 a month to stay with it. I went with O365 because I was so used to the website editing feature, and that has been all I really needed.

    Microsoft should have supplied good phone support. I know it's hard for techies to believe but some of us have very little idea what concepts like sharepoint and outlook and DNS mean... so everything I read required I read and understand three other things. Several times the process of transistioning to Office 365 left me frustrated because critical steps were not described...  just assumed.

    There are so many questions about what I can and can't do with O365 and its features that I'm left feeling very unsure about the product... not a good feeling when your business website might suddenly not function or you may lose your email.

    It would take too long to explain all the points at which the transistion was problematic... Maybe I'll come to love Office 365 but I doubt I'll have the time to really get comfortable with it. Certainly I got off to a bad start. Left me feeling the folks at Microsoft have their collective heads way up in the cloud and have lost contact with real people and the real world.

  • Microsoft sucks. I am finding ANY other source. This was a huge waste of time, Way to go MS team. You all suck.

    Instead of making everyone rebuild ther web site from scratch, they should have been able to transition everything over for us, since it was set up on their system to begin with.  The transition has not gone smoothly and right now the web site url has not been working in 4 days,  I am very disappointed in the whole process.  It was nice that they hosted the site, but to make us redo everything was a real pain.  Some features I had on the old site are not working on the new site.  I will probably transition to something esle after the 6 months is over as I feel they let their customers down with how this was done.  They could just have ask us to start paying for the old site, rather than do this.  It is just a way to get more money.  This web site is for a non profit, so it was nice to not have an expense each month, but rather than let us keep everything and pay they are making us move and pay.  Not a good way to make customers happy.

  • I agree with Crackers who articulated the issue well. Even our trained techies have had trouble winding their way through this ..... nightmare.

  • The nightmare isn't over yet!!!!  Melborne IT's DNS services are overwhelmed, this is from their Service Status Dashboard......

    "We are currently experiencing some issues with customers managing their DNS through the Melbourne IT My Account. Please note this does not affect any current records you have created. It may prevent you from creating new records however. Our administrators are working on this issue with no ETA.

    After having our webpage down for days already now who knows when we'll get it up again!!!  Hey Microsoft, thanks for costing this small business more money, hours of work and damaging our online reputation.  You've cost us a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is a disaster - i have 5 websites to transfer and only one will verify.  No proper support for transfer.  Can't contact anyone to find out, just hope someone is kind enough to reply from the community.

    Fed up and about to advise everyone whose websites I have managed for 5 years to forget it and go anywhere but Microsoft.

  • I have FINALLY managed to pry my domain away from Melborne IT (thanks Microsoft for saddling me with this crappy company!!!) Now I face several more days of down time while I switch registrars.  I will spend that time building a new page (AGAIN) someplace else so I can leave all of this mess completly.  I will also spend time writing bad reviews about 365 and Melborne everyplace I can find....  These companys have cost me a lot!!!!!!!!

  • agree with many of the posts here. a ridiculous state of affairs and a poor business decision. very disappointing

  • Why you people complaining?

    Microsoft made you aware of this transition months ago, and you wait still the last minute to do anything about. Plus, you had a free services. You really think any one or any company would have transition 500,000 plus accounts to Office 365 or anything at that matter?

    The reality is that you people just waited untill the last minute, and things now are not working out for you, and now your mad at Microsoft because you were to lazy to handle your business.

  • DNS propagation was slow with Melbourne, reporting is inadequate in O365, google rankings lost, however I do think office 365 is a great move forward if you utilise the use of lync, exchange, sharepoint features. I can cope with Microsoft changing the platform, but don't do it again without a seemless transition. Another half baked cake! Really you should learn to bake these cakes better without burning them!

  • I agree with the unhappy...originally a beta member for OLSB, in 6 years, I referred many.  I was proud to be able to start and maintain my own webpage and online business since I am not an IT person.  

    As a result of having to totally rebuild my website pages and transferring e-mail to Outlook, I lost many hours of new productive time, and my May newsletter bounced around long enough for the e-mail daemon to determine it was not deliverable and quit trying...76 customers missed their newsletters because...I wish I knew.  

    I am just glad that I am a one person business (not 25) and did not have to go through all of this with employees being as frustrated as I.  I opted to not rebuild most of my pages, not to include my online products and to spend the remainder of the year looking for a site that will better fit the needs of a one person business and rebuild in another website.

    I have no one with whom to Lync, I have access anywhere and everywhere, I take my laptop and smart phone with me. I do not need forms in a cloud, in the sky, on the road,   It might have been better for Microsoft to have offered Office 365 as an option for those who wanted and needed the new format and maintain the OLSB for those who were happy, therefore the best of both worlds, good customer relations, maybe a monthly fee on both Office 365 and OLSB, and fewer disgruntled users.  I do not like the forum instead of customer support.  My couple of questions were not read through or understood, or responded to in a timely fashion.  Most of what I have done the through repeated trial and error, mostly error.

    I will continue to work with what has been given us (for 6 months) without reports, without product pages, without all that has been working for the past 6 years.  I too, would have paid the $6/ month and probably more to keep what was working... what I had.  Through surviving this ordeal, I feel somewhat confident I can build another business page somewhere else.

    Highly disappointed with Microsoft as a whole on this transition.  This was way more difficult than it had to be, created undue issues for numerous MS OLSB users who lost productivity and access to previously established customers as well as created a general feeling of ill-will.

    I for one lost visiblity in ranking to my web pages, because the word "page" was inserted into the URL of all my specific pages that needed to be manually rebuilt.  And oh, BTW Microsoft, I was a PAYING customer.  So don't tell me the service was free -- it wasn't and I have your bills to prove it.

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