Exchange ActiveSync Connectivity in Office 365 - Update

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Exchange ActiveSync Connectivity in Office 365 - Update

In order to mitigate issues with some mobile device implementations of redirection that were causing connectivity failures, Microsoft has deployed an interim solution that should eliminate the need for manual server reconfiguration of the affected devices when your Office 365 server location changes. Users who had previously been experiencing issues connecting to Exchange Online (Office 365) with their mobile devices should be able to connect successfully now.


For more information about the problem and the solution, check out this article on the EHLO blog that explains how mobile devices connect to Exchange Online (Office 365) service and how the connectivity may have been impacted if the device does not support certain Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol requirements.



  • Are there any additional details about what was fixed/how it was fixed, and how we should change our end-user setup instructions in light of this? The article only talks about the old workaround in place, nothing specific about what to do now than an interim solution is in place.

  • 一部のモバイルデバイスにおける ActiveSync におけるリダイレクトの実装による問題で Exchange Online への接続に問題がでる件において、マイクロソフトは Office 365 のサーバーの場所が変更になった時に

    James D: You and your end users don't have to do anything on your side. Earlier, when your mailbox was moved in Office 365 Service due to a legit reason (read blog post linked above for details), your server name may change to which your mobile device was connecting to sync your mailbox contents and thus you had to update the server name to the new server. Now - with this new fix in place, you and other end users don't have to do that. Office 365 Service now has the capability to automatically locate your current server, in case your mailbox was moved, and then just connect you to that. All of this happens in the background, without you knowing about it and seeing any connectivity issues on your mobile device. That's the beauty of it (technically its called 'proxying'). Hope this helps.

    What is the server address for Office 365? I am trying to set up an Exchange ActiveSync account that forkerly was set up through Office Live.  Please help!  Thanks!

  • EJAR: The instructions for setting up Exchange ActiveSync for Office 365 will vary by mobile phone operating system. For a wizard that will help you find the right topic to set up your account, see here:

    this was slightly helpfull I was looking for a new android app. but I think ill try any app and see if it works.

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