Office 365 will now support POP and IMAP Connections to Outlook 2003

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Office 365 will now support POP and IMAP Connections to Outlook 2003


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Many customers have asked us to support Outlook 2003 in order to help accelerate their migrations to Office 365.  We have heard these requests loud and clear.  In an effort to better facilitate the transition for our customers, we will now offer support for Office 365 customers connecting to Outlook 2003 via POP or IMAP.  Outlook 2003 will only connect to Exchange Online via POP or IMAP, as MAPI-based connection is not possible with this client version and a cloud service. This Office 365 support does not impact the existing Outlook 2003 life cycle support policies in place.

Using Outlook 2003 with POP or IMAP enables standard email functionality, but does have key limitations including:

  • No calendar information
  • No free/busy information
  • No Global Address List
  • No push email
  • When connecting via POP, all messages will be downloaded to the client and there will be no synchronization between multiple computers or devices (such as between a laptop and a phone)

While we strongly recommend that Office 365 customers use Office 2010 to ensure the best user experience and support, we hope this new support for Outlook 2003 helps make the move to Office 365 even faster and easier. 


Office 365 Team

  • I'm confused - POP3 and IMAP are standard protocols which have been supported by Office 365 since day 1. This is how many legacy customers with Outlook 2003 have been connecting to Exchange Online.

    Is this statement to simply make it clear that Outlook 2003 is "supported" but only for POP3 and IMAP?

  • Correct: it means that connecting to Exchange Online with Outlook 2003 via POP3 and IMAP is now "supported."

    If you called Support prior to this announcement with an Exchange Online issue, and connected to the service via POP/IMAP with Outlook 2003, you would have had to reproduce the issue with Office 2007 or Office 2010 for Support to be able to open a ticket. Now, you won't need to reproduce the issue on another version of Office.

  • Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

  • 対象: Office 365 for Professional and Small Business , Office 365 for Enterprise

    Office 365 に移行するに当たり

  • Una pregunta frecuente es la relativa a la adopción que está teniendo Office 365, de ahí

  • Una pregunta frecuente es la relativa a la adopción que está teniendo Office 365, de ahí

  • I assume this is general IMAP and POP3 support so that any 3rd party software that need to communicate with Exchange Online can use any of these protocols? How about IMAPS and POP3S using SSL?

  • Tengo un problema con Outlook 2003 y Windows 7, lo estoy configurando via POP y si recibe correos pero no manda.

    Es Windows 7 SP1 Office 2003 SP3, gracias por el apoyo

  • It’s been a while since I blogged here and I’ve been busy documenting Click-to-Run exhaustively

  • exexpat 2012 年 11 月 7 日 午後 3 時 59 分

    しばらく Office 365 プレビューブログ のクイック実行に関する記事の執筆にかかりきりだったので、ここでブログを書くのは久しぶりです

  • Hi,

    I have a newer version of Office 365 on 2013 platform, and i have outlook 2003 clients with SP3. i want to configure outlook 2003 with POP account of newer version of office 365. Will it work ??? Office 365 on 2013 platform does it support outlook 2003 clients with SP3????

    Please help..i am stuck with my migration

    With Best Regards | Ashish


    how can i add the ldap address book to my users whose account in outlook has been configured as POP

  • How do we configure the SMTP server in Outlook 2003, because there is no option to put TLS settings in it?

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