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SharePoint Online: Service Update

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We are proud to have a service that constantly gets better. Office 365 is upgraded on a regular basis with more features and service updates. You can review the latest Office 365 Service Updates in our wiki as they happen. Our latest Service Update news comes from the SharePoint Online Team. View the original post here or read below.


SharePoint Online: Service Update

The second update to SharePoint Online (SPO) since the launch of Office 365 (O365) is beginning to roll out worldwide. We want to share information about the new features that will be available as part of this service update.

Enterprise Readiness

SharePoint Online was initially scoped to scale to customers with fewer than 20,000 Active Directory entries (specifically user objects). This service update allows customers with up to 500,000 user objects to provision SharePoint Online. As a result, customers of any size can easily start using SharePoint Online. And in the future, you can expect even larger scale limits.

To learn more about how SharePoint Online meets the requirements of enterprises, please visit the SharePoint Online planning guide of Office 365 for enterprises. There is also a SharePoint Online planning guide of Office 365 for small businesses.

Recycle Bin Enhancements

Business is full of "oops" moments, and sometimes these moments can really slow down productivity. SharePoint Online now offers numerous levels of recovery no matter what gets deleted. Specifically, enterprise customers can now restore full site collections, in addition to sites, documents, lists, and list items.

This new feature is found in the SharePoint Online Administration Center. After the update is in place, you will see a new "Recycle Bin" button, which gives you the power to self-restore data—including entire site collections—with just a few clicks in just minutes.

To learn more about how to restore full SharePoint Online site collections, visit the SharePoint Online Support Resource Center article on this topic.

External Sharing Gets a Broader Reach

The days when external invitees had to use a specific domain-based email address are gone. Instead, external users can now use their business email address to authenticate when invited into an Office 365 customer's site collection. How does it work? It’s simple. External users just associate their business email address (ex: with the Windows LiveID system. Then, Office 365 customers invite their partners and clients to their external sharing sites by using their primary email account. As long as this email has been associated to the LiveID system, the external user can sign in with their primary user name and associated password.

To associate a business email user name to the Live ID system, go to, select "Use existing email address:" and follow the instructions.

You can learn more about how to use external sharing within Office 365 for small businesses or within Office 365 for enterprises.


Office 365 users wanted a better, more connected and governed experience when it came to working with PDF files within SharePoint Online document libraries. Thanks to your direct comments and active voices in the Community forums, PDF files will now open directly into Adobe Reader without requiring that it be downloaded first. The PDF remains connected and stored in your SharePoint Online document library as you view and edit the file. You can even check it out like other Office documents.

After the SharePoint Online environment has been updated, users must have the latest Adobe Reader version (10.1.2) installed:

The SharePoint Online service description will also reflect all of the new features and changes.

Our goal is continuous innovation to enable collaboration from anywhere, with anyone, on any device. We hope you enjoy these new features and if you’re not yet using SharePoint Online, try it now risk free for 30 days!


The SharePoint Team

  • Really looking forward to the PDF update - although I've made full use of Joshua Booker's workaround, it will be great to be able to just link to them!

  • My site has been upgraded and I can open PDF's in the browser, so good job. I do have a question. I need to be able to open the PDF's from a hyperlink in another document. If you try to do this it still requires you to download and save the PDF. Is there a setting anywhere that would get you around this? With this upgrade you have to click the down arrow of the PDF Doc and select View PDF in Browser. Does anyone have an idea on how the pdf might be opened from a hyperlink in another document?

    Would you know who to contact to check for our site updates? There was a recent SharePoint Online maintenance to our site but these were not yet applied.

    We're looking forward to the PDF update and Site Collection Recycle Bin. :)

  • The Browser File Handling setting of web apps is not set to permissive.  So you cannot open PDFs nor HTM in the browser.  They simply handled pdf files like they do office documents but relied on adobe to alter their code to ask for check out or open (which they do even when checkout is not enabled on the library, btw).  It's not a fix for the no-open header problem in IE8+.  Basically this still falls short of the firefox behavior of opening PDFs locally that we've had all along.  Why they don't provide a viewer like office web apps or & gdocs is a mystery.

  • Una pregunta frecuente es la relativa a la adopción que está teniendo Office 365, de ahí

  • Una pregunta frecuente es la relativa a la adopción que está teniendo Office 365, de ahí

  • 原文发布于 2012 年 2 月 29 日(星期三)

    ​ 我们很高兴地宣布,通过与 Adobe 合作,我们改进了对 PDF 文件的访问。现在,您可以直接在 Adobe Reader 中打开

  • 英文原文已於 2012 年 2 月 29 日星期三發佈

    ​ 我們很高興地宣布和 Adobe 一起合作改善了 PDF 檔案的存取。現在您可以直接在 Adobe Reader 中開啟 PDF 檔案

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    ​ Microsoft는 Adobe와의 협력을 통해 PDF 파일 액세스 방법을 개선했습니다. 이제는 Adobe Reader에서

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