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PDF Files in SharePoint Online

We are pleased to announce that we worked with Adobe to improve access to PDF files. You can now open PDF files directly in Adobe Reader – and the PDF file will remain connected to SharePoint Online. You can also edit and save your changes to SharePoint Online from the desktop. And further, you can now use versioning (check-in and check-out) with PDF files for better management and review. We have improved the experience while maintaining the level of security you expect from Office 365.


NOTE:  This feature is currently designed to be used with HTTPS, and will not work as expected with the HTTP connection available on Office 365 for professionals and small businesses sites.


To take advantage of this update, do the following steps.  

  • Wait for the update to the SharePoint Online service, which is in progress now.
  • Check the Keep me signed in box when you log in to a SharePoint Online site.

This SharePoint Online update is currently being rolled out worldwide along with several other new features.


Thank you for your feedback and patience,

The SharePoint Online Team


1To add your root site to the Trusted Sites security zone, open Internet Explorer, browse to your root SharePoint online site, click Tools, and then click Internet options. Click the Security tab, click Trusted sites, click Sites, and then click Add


  • Office 365 users wanted a better, more connected and governed experience when it came to working with

  • There is a Facebook post from Microsoft SharePoint today (28 Feb) stating that this functionality has been fully rolled out and is complete - I just checked, and my site has not received it yet - the Service Update page shows it as being completed by May 2012...

  • But does this update allow you to open a PDF stored on your PC and save it, easily, into a document library within SharePoint?

  • Una pregunta frecuente es la relativa a la adopción que está teniendo Office 365, de ahí

  • Una pregunta frecuente es la relativa a la adopción que está teniendo Office 365, de ahí

  • Jul. 17, 2012  - as of our migration Apr. 20, 2012; this feature works only in Document Libraries.  Other lists that support attachments, like announcements and calendars, still do not allow PDF files to be opened directly.  DOC, XLS, PPT, and others open in the built-in viewers, however.

    This functionality does not seem to work in the workspaces.  I get open pdfs in the main site, but it asks for either save or cancel in the workspace.

  • I'm glad this works in document libraries. I'm a little disappointed that PDFs cannot be opened from the search results page though.

    Does anyone know the compatibility with Adobe Acrobat Pro? Will PDFs open in Adobe Acrobat Pro or does Adobe Reader need to be installed?

    Pretty hilarious it only works within Document library and not when the exact same link is presented through Content Query Web Part.

    Instructing people to click on "keep me signed in" is a major security issue, particularly since the intranet sites are accessible from outside company offices.

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