Change in FOPE login procedure for Office 365 Beta customers

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Change in FOPE login procedure for Office 365 Beta customers

The Office 365 beta team has made improvements to how you log in to the FOPE Administration Center. Office 365 beta customers can log in to the FOPE Administration Center directly from the Exchange Control Panel without logging in through the FOPE login page. In Exchange Control Panel, on the Mail Control tab, there is a link to FOPE. In the first week of April 2011, the link to FOPE will change to be a direct link into the FOPE Administration Center that does not require users to enter a separate Username and password.

NOTE: After 30 minutes of inactivity, the FOPE Administration Center will time out. In order to log back in, you should close your browser and go back to the FOPE  link in Exchange Control Panel.



    That's a great news, but...

    I have been trying to log in to the FOPE Admin Center from the Exchange Control Panel but the access has been denied using the admin credential.

    I have Office 365 E3 beta.

    Any help?



  • Hi,

    A great idea and now its in the right place. I used to hate having to login to a seperate URL just to access FOPE.


  • What credentials are needed now to access the link from the ECP?  My admin credentials are not working?

  • This feature never works... It always said my session has expired !

  • My apologies for not noticing this and replying sooner.

    For FOPE issues, you can contact Office 365 Technical Support, or contact FOPE Support directly per the information below.

    24x7 technical support is available for Forefront Online Protection for Exchange. Contact support by phone:

    866-291-7726 - United States

    800-0000-0060 - Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)

    Support is also available in the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Administration Center.

    Just FYI, I copied this information from the Enterprise Release Notes, in the Release Notes Wiki.


  • 30 minute time out is very annoying.  Is there anyway to change it?

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