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Editor’s Note: Please be sure that the contact information for your institution is up to date to be alerted to key Live@edu to Office 365 upgrade information. Sign in to the Service Management Portal (SMP) and update the critical notification field with all updated contacts for your institution. 

The upgrade to Office 365 for education is happening! By September 2013, all Live@edu customers will need to complete the upgrade to Office 365 for education. Microsoft will start scheduling more academic institutions for the upgrade soon, but you don’t have to wait. Sign in to SMP and see if your institution is ready to upgrade, or contact Live@edu support to initiate the upgrade.


Get started today. Download the upgrade planning worksheet and start planning.

The Office 365 upgrade builds on your existing Live@edu deployment, and we provide the tools and guidance at each stage—including the new upgrade planning worksheet. You can use this tool to track the tasks required before, during, and after the upgrade.


To get started

  1. Download the upgrade planning worksheet and start by selecting the scenarios that apply to your Live@edu deployment.
  2. Prepare for the upgrade. Visit the upgrade center to better understand each step in the upgrade process.
  3. Start the upgrade to Office 365.

Remember, after the upgrade your domain will be subscribed to Exchange Online Plan 1 automatically – which is free. You can then change your subscription to any of the Office 365 academic plans to give your students, faculty, and staff access to more services. Check out all the Office 365 academic plans.


Live@edu administrative changes coming December 2012

While Live@edu accounts are being prepared for the upgrade to Office 365, a few administrative features will not be available beginning December 3, 2012 until your institution's upgrade to Office 365 for education is complete: 

  • Add or remove accepted domains to your institution subscription.
  • Change your institution mailing address and phone number within the SMP.
  • Modify co-branding. Note Co-branding is not supported in Office 365 for Exchange Online.

If you need to take any of these actions, consider doing so prior to December 3. Once your institution completes the upgrade, you'll be able to make these changes on Office 365.



The Live@edu to Office 365 team