One of the many conveniences of Office 365 is that you can access your email and calendar on any device via both Outlook Web App and your desktop Outlook 2010 program. Outlook Web App and Outlook 2010 share most of the same features, but sometimes there are small differences when performing some common tasks.   We’ve created two new video training courses describing some of the tasks that are frequent search requests by  Office 365 customers.  These  training courses explain some email and calendar features, and then tell you how to use them in both Outlook Web App and Outlook 2010.


Create an internal team alias in Office 365
Save time and effort by setting up a distribution group that appears in your organization’s shared address book.  When you send one email to a distribution group, it goes to all members of the group. It’s a handy way to encourage collaboration among team members with shared interests.


Share your Office 365 calendar
You can invite people to view the appointments and meetings  in your calendar in two ways, and in each case, you choose how much information you want them to see. You can share a calendar with selected people inside your organization, or you can publish your calendar to create a URL that you can give to anybody so they can view your calendar.


You can find these latest training videos on the Office 365 Video Training Courses wiki.  If you have ideas for other Office 365 training courses that you’d like to see, add a comment to this blog or send email to