“Business is business and business must grow.” – Once-ler from The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

Your feedback was clear: “We need more online storage and it needs to be cheaper.”

So we adjusted the SharePoint Online service accordingly—both in per tenant storage quota limits and the cost of additional storage. Now, you can be less constrained as you plan your content management strategy and determine how and where you share files and manage projects.

Tenant storage quota limit increase—Now up to 25 terabytes (TB)

Individual customers (tenants) can now consume up to 25TB of data and content, compared to the previous per tenant limit of 5TB.  As a result, storage limits are no longer such a barrier. Go ahead and create new documents, share them, version them, move them from DRAFT to FINAL, review and approve them, populate lists, publish forms, generate new sites, upload marketing assets, create company-wide Document Centers, design your company intranet, and more.

Additional storage costs decrease—A 92 percent price reduction

Along with the recent price reductions across Office 365, the SharePoint Online additional storage add-on has decreased by 92 percent effective immediately. The reduction translates to a drop from U.S. $2.50 per GB/month, to $0.20 per GB/month. Yes, you read that right—20 cents each month. So if you need more storage than you originally received by default, go ahead. You won’t break the bank.

How much storage do you need?

There is a simple equation to help determine how much SharePoint Online content and data storage space your company gets by default when you purchase of Office 365. Please note that “seats” refers to individual user licenses.

Total available tenant storage quota

10GB + (500MB * E1-E4 seats) + purchased additional storage

Note: Kiosk workers (K1 & K2) and external users do not contribute to the total available tenant storage quota.

In addition to overall combined company storage, every user that gets a My Site (E1-E4) will also get 500MB of personal storage. My Sites are a central location to store and manage documents, favorite links, and personal blog and wiki pages.

Two example scenarios:


Contoso Inc. purchases a total of 2,300 seats:  1,000 Office 365 E1, 500 Office 365 E2, 500 Office 365 E3, 300 Office 365 K2, and plans to invite 35 vendors as external users for various event activities. Contoso will not need more storage beyond its default allocation.

  • Total available tenant storage quota = 10GB + (2,000 * 500MB) = 1010GBs <~ 1TB>
  • Individuals who get My Site storage (500MB each) = 2,000


Fabrikam purchases a total of 45,000 seats: 30,000 Office 365 E1, 10,000 Office 365 E3, 5,000 Office 365 K1, and plans to invite 250 clients as external users to share drafts and final deliverables. The company will require an additional 100GB.

  • Total available tenant storage quota = 10GB + (40,000 * 500MB) + 100GB = 20,110GBs <~ 20TBs>
  • Individuals who get My Site storage (500MB each) = 40,000

You can go here to read more about SharePoint Online boundaries. And please review the SharePoint Online service description for more information on user rights across the various license types.

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