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Written by Ankur Kothari, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Exchange

It’s that time of the year again - spring has arrived (at least in the northern hemisphere).  With spring’s arrival comes a great opportunity to do some housecleaning and yard work to get things in tip-top shape.  One great way to clean up your messaging environment is to utilize the native archiving capabilities of Exchange.  By enabling archives, you trim 

client-side pressure on your messaging environment by having streamlined primary mailboxes and offload the historical data to the archive mailbox (which can be stored in either the cloud or on-premises).  Sweep away PST proliferation in your organization by reining in control of rogue data sources and importing this content to Exchange.  But first, you should grow your knowledge by spending some time exploring the below links.  

Whitepapers / Blog Posts
More detail on PST Capture:
Recent Exchange archiving case studies:
Videos on Archiving
TechNet guidance on Messaging Policy and Compliance, which covers the following topics:

Thanks and here’s to a wonderful spring (or autumn).


(P.S. the picture isn’t directly related to the post, but it is about Outlook’s Conversation Clean Up)