The cumulative update for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 – January 2012 includes changes to the administration of Microsoft Lync Online for Microsoft Office 365. This update includes enhancements to user search functionality, presence privacy, mobile phone notifications, and call and conferencing recording. The update also resolves an issue encountered by users when changing a used ID.


Author: Darrin Hanson, Microsoft Technical Readiness Engineer

Original post date: February 10, 2012


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The Lync Online Control Panel now lets you configure the following Lync Online settings for your entire organization:

  • Call and conference recording of meetings and phone calls
  • Mobile phone notifications for Lync Mobile users on Lync 2010 for Windows Phone, Lync 2010 for iPhone, or Lync 2010 for iPad
  • Presence privacy mode, which gives users greater control over who can see their online presence

In addition, and thanks in part to your suggestions and feedback, the Lync Online Control Panel has a new organization, and includes the ability to search, sort, and filter your list of Lync Online users.

Finally, we’ve added an important fix to resolve a previous issue. Now, when you change an Office 365 user ID, the Lync sign-in address is also updated. This means you no longer need to contact Microsoft Support to change someone’s user ID.

For details about the changes to the Lync Online Control Panel, see the online help for Enterprises or Professionals and Small Businesses.

Additional Information

  • Presence privacy mode allows organizations to specify whether a user’s presence is displayed to all users, or only those on a user’s contact list. See the online help for Enterprises or Professionals and Small Businesses.
  • Filtering and search options in the Lync Online Control Panel give administrators a way to look at a subset of users by searching on their name or phone number and also to filter users based on the features available to them. See the online help for Enterprises or Professionals and Small Businesses.