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Our latest Office 365 technical blog post comes from Brian Galicia, Microsoft Senior Product Manager. This blog post will outline the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and walk you through installing the CRM Online List Component for SharePoint Online.


Written by: Brian Galicia, Microsoft Senior Product Manager

Back in December 2010, we described the plan to add Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to the same administration, billing and provisioning platform used by Office 365. A year later, this plan has become a reality now that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service is live on the OSDP platform in current Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online markets. Customers and partners can now manage their Cloud users and Cloud billing within a single platform. 

I encourage you to view this video, which demonstrates how these two cloud offerings can improve employee productivity and help organizations increase business velocity and reduce IT overhead. There is also a valuable customer testimonial from BioMedix describing the value of using a joint Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution.



New customers who are interesting in purchasing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription via direct payment (credit card or invoice) can use the following URL pre-filtered with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (




If you already have a Microsoft Office 365 account and subscription, you can purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by signing in, navigating to “Purchase” and adding the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional offering to your shopping cart.




Installing the CRM Online List Component for SharePoint Online

With the latest SharePoint Online Service Update (SU1), SharePoint Online now supports the CRM List Component, which allows for the automatic creation of SharePoint folders within admin defined entities for CRM Online.

Please note that the Office365 team is still rolling out the updates so your instance may not have the update applied.


Step 1: Download the List Component.



Step 2: Extract it locally.



Step 3: Navigate to your SharePoint Online Team Site and to the Site Settings. Galleries –> Solutions.



Step 4: Upload the List Component you extracted in Step 2.

Select the “crmlistcomponent.wsp.”


Activate the component.



Step 5: Log in to your CRM Online instance (Settings->Document Management->Document Management Settings).


Select the entities for which you want to enable SharePoint Online integration and enter the applicable SharePoint Online site where you installed the list component.

In your IE settings, also add “*” to your Trusted Sites.