Audience: Exchange/Office 365 for Enterprises Administrators

Author: David Strome, Senior Technical Writer - Exchange


Moving cloud-based mailboxes to your on-premises organizations is an important recipient management function for many Exchange administrators and an important feature of a hybrid deployment. While moving mailboxes from the on-premises organization to the cloud-based organization uses the New Remote Move Request wizard, moving mailboxes from the cloud-based organization to the on-premises organization requires a few additional configuration steps.


We’ve posted a topic on the Email and Calendar with Exchange Online wiki that provides all the steps necessary to help you configure and move cloud-based mailboxes to your on-premises organization. This wiki topic will help you make sure that the prerequisite settings are correctly configured so that mailbox moves are successful.


REMEMBER - to benefit from this topic, you need to have used the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant to generate a customized hybrid deployment checklist and configured your hybrid deployment accordingly. The wiki topic only provides additional configuration information for moving cloud-based mailboxes to your on-premises organization. It doesn't replace the guidance in the Deployment Assistant.


Check it out: Exchange Hybrid Configuration Tips: Moving Cloud-Based Mailboxes to the On-Premises Organization


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