Audience: administrators and users for both Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses and Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises

Written by: Chris deMaagd, technical editor for Office 365

Welcome to Office 365!

Uh, what next?

Here at Microsoft, we’re proud of Office 365. We think our customers will find its services and features to be a great boon to their work every day.

However, if you’re new to Office 365 or cloud computing, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Your email and work documents are stored where? You communicate with off-site employees how? And what’s a "team site," anyway? No problem. We get it. You want to know what’s included in Office 365 and how to get started.

With that in mind, we’ve created a series of video tours that will help introduce you to Office 365. Watch any or all of the videos to get a sense of the capabilities of Office 365 and decide how you'll use it to transform the way your organization works.

Jump in! The cloud is fine.