What's new?

We successfully upgraded our Community platform this morning at 8 AM Pacific Time. During that upgrade, the community was offline for about one hour. We also made several customer facing changes and moved forum posts. Due to the movement of forum posts, wiki topics, and file downloads, you may experience some broken links when linking to community content during the next few days. We're reviewing every post and every page, moving content, and updating the links as we go.

Forum Categories

We introduced new forum categories. Most content from our previous forums has been moved to the General forum under each forum category. A few of the old forums are still available. We will move content from the remaining old forums to the new ones over the next few days.


We introduced several new wikis, and you can still see the old wikis. The new wikis are empty at this time. We will move content into the new wikis over the next few days.


We have a new download forum, which is currently empty. We will move existing downloads into the new download forums over the next few days.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience.
The Office 365 Community Team